The CEM 101 course is designed to facilitate your introduction to the wonderful world of chemistry.

This web site contains my intellectual property that has been removed from Blackboard.

The Course Information Index Page contains "stuff" that will answer common questions about the mechanics and administrative issues of the class, as well as extra non-class material for enlightenment, and information about your instructor.

The Course Documents Index Page contains course materials (lecture notes, slides, flash cards, annotated outcomes, music videos, etc.) designed to facilitate your introduction into the wonderful world of chemistry.

The Lab Info Page contains a photo gallery tour of the lab, a summary of expected student behaviors (no food, drink, gum, or cell phones in the lab), a required safety agreement, a comment on legibility, a cover page, and photos of the lab showing where lab supplies are stored. There are also comments on the safety links and transcripts for all the DVDís in the Wonderful World of Chemistry Instructional Course.

The Lab Handouts Page contains the chemistry department lab handouts (same files as on Blackboard), as well as hand-ins, calculation summaries, and optional information related to the lab.

The Lab Briefing Slides Page contains copies of my lab briefing slides in three different (one, two, or three slides per page) formats

The Chemistry Reading List  contains a collection of book references (For those seeking info outside the course material) Topics include: Chemical Magic, Chemistry Stuff, Chemistry in Every Day Living, Toxic Chemistry in the Environment, General Science and Invention, History of Chemistry, Home Experimentation, Kitchen Chemistry, Little Kid Stuff, Media Physics, and Media Science

The McGraw Hill Chemical Dictionary provides correct spelling and short explanations of commonly used chemical terms.

The Beyond CEM101 Page provides lecture slides (color, 1 per page) for material beyond the CEM 101 class, but represents material commonly found in college level introductory classes.


The only stupid question is the one that goes unanswered because it is not asked.


The dumbest question of all is the one not asked that later appears on an exam.


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Legal Stuff:

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