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Site Guide

Using This Fun Chemistry Web Site (Color 1 slide per page)

Using This Fun Chemistry Web Site (B&W 3 slides per page)

This is a slide set that takes you on a tour of this FunChemistry web site. So you will know what is available and where to find it.

Comments on Cell Phones / WiFi Concerns (Why instructor denies cell phones in class)

No Cell Slides

This unit contains material justifying concerns about cell phone use in class

Every single study I have seen indicates that cell phones are a major deterrent to learning

Banning cell phones in class jumped the final class  % ( A+B)'s  from 71 % to 91 %.

An expanded slide set from the few slides I show during the first day of class:

It expands on the negative learning, social, and health effects of using cell phones and WiFi devices.

No WiFi device has ever passed a consumer safety test;

US operates millions of times above radiation levels considered safe by most nations

Medical insurance carriers are being instructed to no longer cover injuries from long term exposure to WiFi / Cell Phone radiation

Some articles documenting negative impact of cell phones on academic performance:

Firstenberg Q&A


Facebook and Academic Performance

English School of Economic: Results of UK Cell Phone Bans

Social Media and Academics

Texting and Academics

Texting and Multitasking

Material furnished for enlightenment ...

stuff that might be useful long after the class is over. (Not on exams)

Follow Directions

More than 440,000 people die annually  in hospitals from health care professionals not reading / following guidelines and procedures. 

An additional 1.2 million near fatal injuries occur. 

The litigation from all of these deaths and injuries is a significant contribution to our health care costs.

Nurse's contribute ~ 40% of these deaths / injuries.

In 1996 Carl Sagan in The Demon-Haunted World stated that US manufacturers lose ~ $ 40 billion a year from errors created by employees not following guidelines.

The inability to read, follow directions, think, and solve problems is becoming a crippling social problem.

This is the classic “Can You Follow Directions” Quiz presented here only for personal enlightenment.

Internet Credibility

Today's social media is being populated with misinformation and conspiracy theories with a distinct anti-science / medicine tone.

Here are three sites created as part of an undergraduate unit in determining web site credibility.

Sadly, the majority (> 70%) of college students tested considered these science parodies as credible sources of information.


One site (DHMO) that generated > 20,000 signatures in California to ban the sale, possession and use of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO).

My Standards

Slide set documenting reasons for concerns about the declining state of American education. Posted after a student posted on social media that "my standards" were based on not understanding the nature of out current society. Slides cover declining longevity, increasing health care costs, need for proper measurements, declining infrastructure, need for critical thinking and impact of artificial intelligence on the job market. These slides are based on fact, not conspiracy theory.

Tall Poppy Syndrome

An Australian's metaphor for American education based on a research group discussion of American education that was prompted by Carl Sagan's best selling book, The Demon-Haunted World.

Information About Your Instructor

Instructor's Background

From Blackboard Contacts Tab

My Office

Pictures of my office hopefully demonstrating knowledge of computer technology. Posted after a student stated in social media that I used only circa 2000 technology.

Why I Wear a Mask

Comments on wearing a mask on campus


My requirements for writing letters of recommendations

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